Monday, July 5, 2010

PocketJIRA Enterprise Edition w/ Site License Now Available

PocketJIRA Enterprise Edition, with support for site licenses, is now available for purchase.  We also offer a free 30-day trial if you and your company would like to evaluate PocketJIRA EE before purchasing it.

PocketJIRA EE includes a JIRA Plugin that allows your company to use a single site-license to register the PocketJIRA for the BlackBerry (support for Android is coming soon) as well as provide a more integrated and  streamlined experience.

Features include:
  • All features in PocketJIRA Pro
  • Ability to create new Issue (future support)
  • Full support for Custom Fields (future support)
  • Advanced Text Search (future support)
  • Offline mode (future support)
  • Compatible with older version of JIRA (future support)
  • and more3

We offer different pricing tiers to suite every company's budget:
  • 30-day Evaluation (up to 5 devices) - FREE
  • Starter (up to 10 devices) - $10 USD
  • Tier 1 (up to 25 devices) - $150 USD
  • Tier 2 (up to 50 devices) - $275 USD
  • Tier 3 (up to 100 devices) - $500 USD
  • Tier 4 (unlimited devices) - $1,000 USD

If you have any questions or comments, you can send an email to support (at) pocketjira (dot) com or visit our forums:

PocketJIRA for Android Now Available in the Android Market

We're happy to announce the initial public release of PocketJIRA for the Android.  With PocketJIRA Lite, you will be able to view JIRA Issues, Favourite Filters, add Comments, & more from your Android device.

Features include:
  • View Favourite Filters
  • View Projects
  • View Issues
  • Multiple JIRA Accounts (up to 3)
  • Search Issue Keys
  • Add New Comments
  • and more
In PocketJIRA Pro (still in development) we will add support for editing Issues and performing Workflow Actions (e.g. Start/Stop Progress, Close and Reopen Issues, etc), and more, so stay tuned!

You can download and install PocketJIRA Lite by searching for "pocketjira" in the Android Market.

If you have any questions or comments, send an email to support (at) pocketjira (dot) com or visit our forums:

Friday, May 21, 2010

PocketJIRA for Android Alpha Release for Google IO 2010

The good folks over at Atlassian contacted us a couple weeks ago about a version of PocketJIRA for the Android to demo at this year's Google IO converence.  Unfortunately, at the time we only had the BlackBerry version of PocketJIRA available.  Not wanting to miss this great opportunity to showcase our app, we worked overtime the past couple of weeks to get a workable alpha version of PocketJIRA for Android in time for the Google IO conference.  You can read a posting about the app on JIRA's blog:

This is a great accomplishment for us and we could not have done it without Benjamin Naftzger of Atlassian. Thanks Ben!

Now with the alpha version of PocketJIRA for Android released, we are ready to move forward with the private beta testing of the latest version.  If you are interested in participating in the beta testing, please complete this form.
    Thanks for all your support!

    PocketJIRA for BlackBerry Version Released!

    The latest release of PocketJIRA for BlackBerry is now available in the RIM App World and other mobile sites.  Version is a maintenance release that includes some speed improvements and bug fixes.

    We are planning to include new features and enhancements in the next version.

    If you have any questions or comments, you can send an email to support @ or visit our forums at

    ~The PuguaSoft Team

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    PocketJIRA Lite version is Now Available

    You can get the latest version of PocketJIRA "Lite" from the BlackBerry App World, MobiHand, or Handango.

    Too see what's new in version, you can check out the the Release Notes.

    If you have any questions, comments, or feature suggestions, please visit our forums.

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    PocketJIRA Pro Is Now Available on MobiHand and Handango

    We're proud to announce the initial release of PocketJIRA Pro for the BlackBerry!

    PocketJIRA Pro is now available at MobiHand and Handango for just $5.99 USD. PocketJIRA Pro is currently pending approval on the BlackBerry App World and will be available shortly.

    PocketJIRA Pro is an application that lets you easily access JIRA issues on your BlackBerry®. With PocketJIRA Pro, you will be able to view and edit JIRA issues, add new comments, perform workflow actions, and more from the palm of your hand.

    PocketJIRA Pro includes all the features in PocketJIRA Lite plus the following:
    • Edit/Update Issues (type, status, priority etc.)
    • Perform Workflow Actions (Start Progress, Resolve, Close etc.)
    • Edit Default Custom Fields
    • Add New Work Logs (Time Tracking)
    • UNLIMITED accounts/logins
    NOTE: Creating new JIRA Issues will NOT be supported in PocketJIRA Pro due to limitations with the JIRA server. There will be a PocketJIRA "Enterprise Edition" that, with the addition of a JIRA plug-in, will allow creating new JIRA Issues and more enhanced features. PocketJIRA "EE" is still in development.

    PocketJIRA Pro supports all BlackBerry® devices running OS 4.2.1 and higher EXCEPT for the Storm/Storm 2. We are working on adding support for these devices.

    We are also working on improving and adding new features to PocketJIRA Pro. Future upgrades will include caching of issues for better performance, key shortcuts, sorting, and more. If there are particular features you would like added, please let us know.

    PocketJIRA Pro currently supports JIRA server versions 3.13.x to 4.0.x.

    In order to use PocketJIRA Pro with your JIRA application server, the XML-RPC plugin & SOAP needs to be enabled. Visit for more info.

    For info on new releases, to suggest new features, & to report bugs, visit the forums at or send an email to support [at]

    PocketJIRA is developed by PuguaSoft LLC & is not affiliated with Atlassian.

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    PocketJIRA Lite for BlackBerry version 0.3.3 is now available for download!

    We're glad to announce the latest GA (general availability) of PocketJIRA Lite for BlackBerry.

    New in version 0.3.3:
    • Add new Comments
    • View Time Tracking & Work Logs
    • Edit Issue Description & Summary (Pro version)
    • Edit Issue Details e.g. priorty, type, etc. (Pro version)
    • Perform Workflow Actions (Pro version)
    • Add new Work Log (Pro version)
    • Improved connection settings to handle various connection types and vendors
    • Improved edit fields to support symbols and word-complete
    • Added support for JIRA versions 3.13.0 - 4.0
    • Added support for devices running OS 4.2.1 and higher
    • Handle usernames with spaces
    • Allow overriding of HTTP Transport Suffix
    • Minor UI improvements
    • Fixed many bugs

    For a full list of changes, you can view the Release Notes.

    Get the latest version of PocketJIRA by visiting

    We are still working very hard on PocketJIRA Pro for BlackBerry. Many features have already been implemented - we just need to include a couple more things and it will be ready for a public beta release.

    If you have an questions or comments, let us know!